Yiqing Liang

I am a PhD student in CS at Brown University and a member of Brown Visual Computing Group. I am very fortunate to have Professor James Tompkin as my advisor.

Prior to that, I received my Master in Computer Science from Columbia University, advised by Professor Shuran Song and Professor Shih-Fu Chang. I completed my Bachelor in Computer Science at Fudan University.

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I'm interested in 3D Computer Vision, Foundation Models and Generative Modeling.

GauFRe: Gaussian Deformation Fields for Real-time Dynamic Novel View Synthesis
Yiqing Liang, Numair Khan, Zhengqin Li, Thu Nguyen-Phuoc, Douglas Lanman, James Tompkin, Lei Xiao
In submission

We propose GauFRe: a dynamic scene reconstruction method using deformable 3D Gaussians for monocular video that is efficient to train, renders in real-time and separates static and dynamic regions.

Semantic Attention Flow Fields for Monocular Dynamic Scene Decomposition
Yiqing Liang, Eliot Laidlaw, Alexander Meyerowitz, Srinath Sridhar, James Tompkin
ICCV, 2023

We present SAFF: a dynamic neural volume reconstruction of a casual monocular video that consists of time-varying color, density, scene flow, semantics, and attention information.

SGEITL: Scene Graph Enhanced Image-Text Learning for Visual Commonsense Reasoning
Zhecan Wang*, Haoxuan You*, Liunian Harold Li, Alireza Zareian, Suji Park, Yiqing Liang, Kai-Wei Chang, Shih-Fu Chang
AAAI, 2022

We propose a Scene Graph Enhanced Image-Text Learning (SGEITL) framework to incorporate visual scene graph in commonsense reasoning

SSCNav: Confidence-Aware Semantic Scene Completion for Visual Semantic Navigation
Yiqing Liang, Boyuan Chen, Shuran Song
ICRA, 2021
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We explicitly model scene priors using a confidence-aware semantic scene completion module to complete the scene and guide the agent's navigation planning.


Reviewer for ICCV 2023, CVPR 2024.

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