Yiqing Liang

I am a PhD student in CS at Brown University and a member of Brown Visual Computing Group. I am very fortunate to have Professor James Tompkin as my advisor.

Prior to that, I received my Master in Computer Science from Columbia University, advised by Professor Shuran Song and Professor Shih-Fu Chang. I completed my Bachelor in Computer Science at Fudan University.

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I'm interested in computer vision, 3D processing and scene understanding. Recently mostly of my research is focused on neural rendering.

SGEITL: Scene Graph Enhanced Image-Text Learning for Visual Commonsense Reasoning
Zhecan Wang*, Haoxuan You*, Liunian Harold Li, Alireza Zareian, Suji Park, Yiqing Liang, Kai-Wei Chang, Shih-Fu Chang
AAAI, 2022

We propose a Scene Graph Enhanced Image-Text Learning (SGEITL) framework to incorporate visual scene graph in commonsense reasoning

SSCNav: Confidence-Aware Semantic Scene Completion for Visual Semantic Navigation
Yiqing Liang, Boyuan Chen, Shuran Song
ICRA, 2021
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We explicitly model scene priors using a confidence-aware semantic scene completion module to complete the scene and guide the agent's navigation planning.


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